KANDYLAS SA is a production company with a very long history on Greek traditional products. This beautiful adventure starts from the great grandfather of today’s owner (Stylianos Kandylas), Ioanni Kandyla. Ioannis Kandylas was from Smyrna, Asia Minor. He had there a small factory of tahini, grape syrup, sesame oil kai raisins.

• 1927

After the destruction of the Asian Minor, Ioannis Kandylas went to Thessaloniki. With all his experience he managed to create there another factory of candies, waffles, halva and generally traditional sweets.

• 1940

The factory of Ioannis Kandylas at Thessaloniki burned. Ioannis along with his son, Nikolaos Kandylas (father of the current owner) moved to Veria (a small town near Thesalloniki) where they kept the tradition and were producing Greek traditional sweets.

• 1981

At 1981, Stylianos Kandylas the current owner took the lead. Having at his back all the experience of the previous generations, he developed the variety of the Greek traditional products furthermore. HE managed to create a new series of syrup pastries and vanilla sweets

• 2008

Since then the factory was keeping developing. As a result, at 2008 the hole factory moved to new faculties, with hole new departments, very close to the city of Veria.

• 2010

Keeping the tradition high and following the traditional ways of producing. And with the encourage of the clients for the good quality of the products. KANDYLAS SA kept moving forward and made its very first steps of exporting. At 2010 KANDYLAS SA participated at its first international food exhibition at Moscow and since then every year participates at the biggest international food exhibition all over the world.

• 2016

Feeling the needs of the consumers and understanding their opinion, we were one of the first that we produced our Greek traditional products without added sugar, just STEVIA.

• 2018

Following the new trends and the needs of the market. We innovated and created the ‘’ KANDYS tahini spreads’’ and the extraordinary ‘’KANDYLAS halva tarts’’. Created by brand new, exclusive and innovative production lines. Super healthy products that have been embraced from the costumers for their unique taste.

• Now

Been a family business, the time has come for the new generation to offer their fresh idea and their productive energy at this historical adventure. The two sons of the current owner Giorgos and Nikos Kandylas are trying the best to keep the tradition and quality high.