• Halva

    traditionally produced without chemicals


    According to the tradition and the traditional way of production. Handmade halva KANDYLAS, is a desert that lives deep..
  • Syrup pastries

    with whole pieces offruit

    Syrup pastries

    A totally handmade syrup sweet based on the knowledge and the ‘’meraki’’ of the local society of Veria known for the deep..
  • Extra jams

    Pasta with fresh ingredients

    Extra jams

    Extra Jams KANDYLAS are produced after a very strict selection of excellent quality Greek fruits. Our jams are extra..
  • Loukoumi

    traditional old recipe since 1927


    Loukoumi KANDYLAS takes us back to the history of taste. Throw an old generation recipe from 1927 and using only pure raw..
  • Sweet preserves

    traditional Greek Sweet

    Sweet preserves

    Sweet preserves KANDYLAS are famous home sweets that shows the Greek hospitality. Excellent quality fruits and nuts from..
  • Tahini spreads

    a range of products based on Tahini

    Tahini spreads

    Mix tahini KANDYLAS with the most pure sweet ingredients and you have create the KANDYLAS tahini spreads. A light and soft..