Halva Bio Honey 400g

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Organic Tahini Verias- Kandylas is a natural product and is produced from selected organic sesame seeds, passing through the process of drying and milling.

Our company, utilizing its many years of experience, has proceeded with the production of organic products, combining its recipes with the use of organic raw materials.

 By "organic products or foods" we refer to foods that result from organic and organic production processes  which are produced in accordance with the requirements of the EOK Regulation. 2092/91.

Organic products are produced through cultivation where strict use of any chemical pesticide - fertilizer and hormone is strictly forbidden.

Handmade Organic Halva Verias - Kandylas is traditionally produced with the use of organic raw materials and always with the same commitment to quality and respect for the consumer.

Data sheet

Pieces per Box24
Shelf Life2 years
Storage ConditionsCool and dry environment
Packagingpackage 400gr
Halva FlavourHoney
Halva CategoryOrganic- BIO
Organic Product TypeHalva
Weight400 grams

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